Epilogue Players' Mission is to provide a quality theatre experience for people of all ages, with a special regard to the inclusion of the senior members of our community.


Through a lot of hard work and some financial assistance from the Indiana Arts Commission, the group was formed in 1976 known then and now as the Epilogue Players. The first production was at the Children’s Museum. From there the group moved to the Command Playhouse at Fort Harrison at the invitation of the Commanding General. The group remained at the fort for four years until  the new command closed the theatre. This did not dampen their spirits and they kept presenting plays at various churches until 1984, when they were able to rent space from Hedback Community Theatre. With funds from their treasury,  funding by Phil Hedback, plus a lot of hard work from the Epilogue members, this space, once just an “ugly duckling,” was transformed into one of the most charming little theatres in Indianapolis. Epilogue is a non-profit corporation and a member of the Encore Theatre Association.


We are now celebrating more than 40 years of theatrical entertainment!


Images from "My Old Lady" which was presented in September, 2016.

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Here is an interesting link to a history of the Epilogue theatre dating back to the beginning of the neighborhood!




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